Solutions (Available in Europe only)

CellPass Logo

CellPass is a leading micropayment solution, designed to help developers and publishers monetize their mobile and social applications, online games and digital media. Our highly scalable and secure platform provides developers and publishers with a simple and flexible billing solution to support virtual currencies and credit systems, virtual-goods purchases, one-time purchases and subscriptions.

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CellStore Logo

Through its CellStore offering, Cellfish provides media and carrier partners with a fully integrated, managed, services solution, designed to reduce operational costs and drive revenue growth and profitability.

CellStore provides:

  • End-to-end management of the complex, digital-content ecosystem
  • Design, development and management of online, mobile web and application storefronts
  • Proven marketing and advertising capabilities, designed to profitably engage with consumers

Cellfiliation Logo

Cellfish and Effiliation have partnered to create Cellfiliation, a leading mobile performance marketing network. By utilizing CPx performance models (CPA, CPL, CPI or CPC), Cellfiliation allows advertisers to minimize the risks associated with launching and scaling their mobile advertising campaigns. Moreover, Cellfiliation publishers benefit from access to top-tier offers proven to monetize unsold inventory.

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CellWin Logo

CellWin’s sweepstakes platform provides media and carrier partners with a suite of powerful, interactive products designed to connect, engage and monetize audiences. The proven sweepstakes, instant win and other contest formats of CellWin can be seamlessly integrated into websites, mobile and social applications, TV, radio and print.

CellBox Logo

CellBox is a high-availability, mass-participation, interactive platform designed to allow media partners to immerse their respective audiences in a rich and interactive “live” experience. Using any internet-connected device, consumers can participate in real-time voting and surveys, on-air dedications and requests, and other bespoke interactive formats.